Upper AO5 & Lower AO4 Patient Transformation and Infection removal

Ben suffered from teeth problems since the age of 21, he was assaulted and his front teeth were knocked out. Ben was then in a car accident and had to take strong medication that decayed his teeth over time… insecure about taking photos and talking to people, “I didn’t really open my mouth or have conversations with people” Ben decided he needed a change.

“This was absolutely life changing”, Ben now 33 years old, he said that his biggest realisation after having an Upper & Lower AO4 was that it changed the shape of his face and restored the facial structure that he once lost… Ben said he can now eat the foods he loves and no longer has to be afraid to eat out in public, he can’t wait to go out for dinner and eat at restaurants!

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Other series in All on 4 TV

Other series in All on 4 TV

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