We were joined by the Studio 10 film crew at the Sydney Implant Institute to capture a patient’s life changing procedure receiving an All-On-Four.

Cheryl has suffered from infected teeth and gums for years, resulting in teeth decay and hospitalisation.

The incredible team of dentists and dental staff at the Sydney Implant Institute performed an All-On-4 using Nobel Biocare Implants to give Cheryl a new smile and new quality of life.

Cheryl was put under semi-conscious sedation also known as ‘Twilight Sedation’ during the procedure to ease nerves and minimise discomfort.

All infection was removed from the gums and an upper arch clearance was undertaken to remove the decayed teeth. Cheryl not only has a new smile but a new quality of life with the help of the dental team at the Sydney Implant Institute.

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Other series in All on 4 TV

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