Meet Elie, 

Due to poor oral hygiene Elie developed Gingivitis. His teeth started to decay and break into pieces, he lost 4 teeth in 6 months and the rest fell out in the following years. Elie couldn’t eat majority of foods as his teeth had either fallen out or were left were rotten down to the gum.

After coming to the Sydney Implant Institute, Elie was given the option of having an All On Four treatment. He ended up having an Upper All on Five (five implants in the upper arch) and a lower all on four with bone grafting and infection removal.  

Elie explained that “Now, I never have to worry about a toothache and it’s incredible that I can eat food and have functioning teeth that look great – it’s not about appearance but I couldn’t be happier!” 

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Other series in All on 4 TV

Other series in All on 4 TV

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